1969 Shulamith Firestone Redstockings Consciousness Raising

For a reading on why the Shulamith Firestone conference and the general women’s liberation organizing project is open to females only, find Barbara Leon’s Separate to Integrate from
Feminist Revolution.

For more readings on consciousness-raising, click on the links below.

Handout on Consciousness-Raising
From New York Radical Feminists. Dec, 1969. Unsigned but written by Shulamith Firestone.

Women Rap About Sex
by Shulamith Firestone, published for the first time in Notes From the First YearJune 1968. 

Resistances to Consciousness
by Irene Peslikis, published in Redstockings First Literature Packetwritten June 27, 1969.

Consciousness-Raising: A Radical Weapon
by Kathie Sarachild, published in Redstockings’ Feminist Revolution (Redstockings, New Paltz, NY, 1975; New York: Random House, 1978). 

Telling Each Other Our Secret Pains
poem about consciousness-raising by Judith Brown of Gainesville, Florida Women’s Liberation, Day By Day Women Will Unite. Minot, ND Women’s Collective, 1971 Calendar.

Exchange Among Women’s Liberation Movement Veterans About Consciousness Raising
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Carol Hanisch, and Anne Forer Pyne. November 13, 2012.

1968 Irene Peslikis Lake Villa Nation Womens Liberation Conference


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