Redstockings links:

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Some Redstockings Herstory:

Bitch Session

1969-03-27 Village Voice Cut

For a link to the full article above, click here!

A more complete history of Redstockings…

iRedstockings Part 1 Page 1s available in Carol Giardina’s introduction to the finder’s guide to the newly available  microfilm publication called The Redstockings Organizational Collection,  Redstockings Women’s Liberation Archives for Action, 1940s-1991, Parts I and II, published by Primary Source Media. Click here for a PDF of the Introduction.

Click here for information on purchasing the entire collection on microfilm or selected reels; or call 1-800-444-0799. 
You can contact Redstockingsfeminism@hotmail.com for suggestions on which reels contain the materials in which you’re interested.  As the microfilm publication of TheRedstockings Organizational Collection is already an  available resource in some libraries, you may be able to borrow the reels through inter-library loan.

We are excited about these leaps in the availability and preservation of the materials we have been offering through our print catalog since 1989! 



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