Women’s Liberation Class in NYC, Fall 2014

WLM class photo 1 caption WLM class photo 3 captionPlaces filled up quickly for the 10-session community class organized by Redstockings and National Women’s Liberation this fall in New York City.  Called “Building Women’s Liberation Now: Gems from the 1960s & Beyond for Radical Feminist Theory & Action Today,” registration closed even before an announcement of the class could get up on this blog.

Under its original title “Women’s Liberation: Where Do I fit In?” the class was first presented in 1991 by Gainesville Women’s Liberation in Florida and designed by Carol Giardina, who co-founded GWL in 1968.  GWL is now part of National Women’s Liberation, which worked with Redstockings on developing and organizing the new “Building Women’s Liberation Now” class this autumn. From its beginning, the class — geared to a grass roots, community base — has drawn much of its material from the Redstockings Women’s Liberation Archives for Action and Redstockings’ program of combining the study of women’s freedom movement history with consciousness-raising for organizing and mobilizing today. To see the call for the 10-session class in NYC this fall, click here.

For a more comprehensive history and context of the class, see Carol Giardina’s talk, entitled ”The 1960s Speak to the 1990s, 2000s, and Beyond: the Gainesville, Florida Women’s Liberation Class,” from the recent Boston University conference (see earlier blog posts). Click here for a summary of her talk, or for a video of the entire panel, click here.

Redstockings and National Women’s Liberation will undoubtedly be giving the class again in the future.  A weekend workshop version is even available for women who want to bring this ongoing women’s freedom school to their communities for a trial run. If you’re interested in this weekend workshop version of the class, contact Redstockings by clicking here.


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