Photos, Updates, and Reports from the Shulamith Firestone Memorial Conference, 2013


An album of photographs from the Conference is now posted on the Redstockings Facebook site. (You can view our Facebook page even if you are not a Facebook member!) Click here to see the photos on our Facebook page.

Bios of most of the 86 women who attended the Conference, with links to some of their work, are in the “participants” section of this blog and can be found by clicking here, or using the menu bar above.

Evaluations of the Conference came in from 26 participants. They are posted on this blog anonymously and you can read them by clicking here, or using the menu bar to go to the “Conference Evaluations” page. Some of these evaluations run in much the same vein of questions and issues that Candi’s post below raises (see our post from 10/22/2013).

The entire Conference was videotaped but work on editing and gathering permissions still needs to be done.

A joint conference of the Redstockings and National Women’s Liberation core groups last February continued working on answers to the questions raised at the Shulamith Firestone Conference – what is to be done? – and work is in progress to publish some of these answers. Keep checking this blog for more updates on any new action, organizing, and interchange related to the Conference themes.


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