About this blog:

news-and-letters-credit without cap“Women marchers in N.Y. massed, demanding an end to sexism,” August 26, 1970

Thank you for coming to look at the blog for the Shulamith Firestone Women’s Liberation Memorial Conference on What Is To Be Done.

In these final days leading up to the conference, we would like to point you specifically to the Readings section of this blog. On that page, you will find many readings that will prepare you well for the material at the conference. Please also take a look at the About Shulie page, the About Redstockings page, and the Donate page!

Please also note that this blog is a work in progress. Though we would like you to use this blog as much as possible to prepare yourself for the conference, this blog will also be used even more after this weekend is over.

We hope to use this space as a way to continue analyzing, organizing and hopefully mobilizing together. Keep checking back for more updates!

For Women’s Liberation–nothing less!


2 thoughts on “About this blog:

  1. Kathy Scarbrough

    We really just got started yesterday and need another to delve deeper into What is To Be Done!
    Next time in NJ?

  2. Candi Churchill

    I’m very interested in more debates on the disagreements, as well as where we have some unity: “fight your own oppressor” or targetting the “most oppressed”? What does that look like in organizing? How do we radicalize people in the U.S.?

    Is Consciousness-raising still our best organizing model, supplemented by study and criticism/self-criticism and learning from our actions? What are the strengths? Weaknesses?

    Leadership and organization. Is it enough do all “do our own thing”? How we unite and make a more powerful impact from the work we’re all doing.

    What is our program now or what should it be? Please critique NWL’s “what we want, what we believe” (womensliberation.org) — we argue that the priorities should be: CR, History for Activist Use (Redstockings’ slogan), birth control and abortion, and combatting the double day and fighting for a “social wage”. Criticize and debate us please! Also, critique the Redstockings pamplet “Confronting the Myth of America: Women’s Liberation and National Health Care.” What’s wrong with these proposals? What’s right? What do you think WL should do now??

    Should fighting porn be higher up? Why? Why not? Does it get to the root of male supremacy? What about childcare? Paid family leave? What areas will get more troops into the movement? What will get women more freedom? What will ignite a new upsurge? What are competing theories for ending the root problems of women’s oppression?

    How much do we fight capitalism directly? Indirectly? Build the left? And how? Can we raise class consciousness as women’s liberation leaders or do we do it in the left? What is class? Who is the oppressor in capitalism? I think we have disagreement about what “the system” even is.

    How much do we still target men? Are men a “problematic allie” or are they an oppressor (or the oppressor) of women? Some men with more power, some with much less.

    How do we get out a sharper analysis than what’s out there for feminism? How to we build organizations, and not just individual actions or individual feminists?

    Phew!!!!!!!!!! Let’s get to work, sisters! Much is to be done!


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